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1989 Ferrari 328 GTB/328 GTS Wiring Diagram

Download 1989 Ferrari 328 GTB/328 GTS Wiring Diagram

This manual only consist wiring diagram of the 328 GTB and 328 GTS (hardtop) of Ferrari model year 1989, not the complete workshop/service manual of 328 GTB/328 GTS. The 328 GTS/GTB owners manual, 328 GTS/GTB technical specifications and 328 GTS/GTB workshop manual also available.

Inside this wiring diagram:

Main Box – Fuses and Relays
Cables Color Codes
Alternator – Starter Motor
Fuel Injection System
Windscreen wiper and washer – Horns – Current Socket
Controls and Displays
External Lights and Controls
Radio – Doorglass winders – Door Locking actuators – Interior Lights – Cigarette Lighter
Heating System – Air Conditioning System
ABS System

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