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Husqvarna 120, 150 sewing machine service manual

Download Husqvarna 120, 150 sewing machine service manual

Husqvarna 120, 150 sewing machine service manual

this is a manual needed for service and adjustment of sewing machine model:

Husqvarna 120 150 180 190

Directions for use 2
The stitch plate 4
The presser foot 4
The feed dog 4
The bobbin case 5
The hook cover 5
The hook 6
The driver 6
The pattern mechanism, complete 6
The cog belt, short 7
The cog belt, long 7
The foot control 8
Changeover switches and main switch 8
Terminal board with printed circuit 9
The motor 9
Setting ratings 10
Service tools 11
The arm shaft, axial play 13
The lower shaft, axial play 13
Shafts for the movements of the feed dog 14
The guide and block, feed dog movement 15
The journalling of the thread take-up lever, the crank stud 15
The hook gear 16
A. Tangential play 16
B. Axial play 16
The gap between the hook cover and the driver 17
The sewing head 18
Needle bar 18
The gap between the hook and the needle 19
The stitch plate 20
The presser bar 21
The worm screw. The zig-zag movement of the needle 22
The needle bar frame 22
The stop, needle bar frame 23
The needle bar frame 23
Setting the timing of the hook in relation to the needle 24
The upper position of the needle bar 25
The feed dog setting 26
The feed dip 26
The adjusting arm 27
Setting the stitch length 27
The thread tension of the bobbin case 28
The lever The thread tension release 28
Setting the thread tension dial 29
The thread take-up spring 29
The adjustment casing 29
The bobbin-winding device 30
Distribution of the thread on the bobbin 30
The needle stop-right 30
The front panel 31
The rear cover 31
The pattern mechanism 32
The stitch selector knob 33
The stitch setting mechanism and guide 34
The stitch setting mechanism and guide 35
The sewing head 36
The bobbin-winding device. 37
Exchanging the belt 37

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