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Husqvarna ZTH6125 Lawnmower Service Manual

Download Husqvarna ZTH6125 Lawnmower Service Manual

Husqvarna ZTH6125 Lawnmower Service Manual.

Because of their reliable design, relatively simple construction, and ease of repair; lawnmowers are the ideal machine for maintenance and repair at home. With proper care and routine maintenance, a lawnmower will provide many years of reliable use. When repairing a lawnmower, most home mechanics will find them easy to work with and repairs quick and trouble-free.

Scheduled lawnmower maintenance should occur approximately every 8, 25, 50, 100, 300 hours and/or annually. This routine lawnmower maintenance should include changing the oil, inspecting the muffler, springs and linkages, changing the spark plugs, and replacing the fuel and air filters. Having a quality service manual specific to your lawnmower will help you identify the parts of your lawnmower and assist you during routine maintenance.

Doing routine maintenance on your lawnmower at home provides many benefits. It is less expensive than having a lawnmower shop do the maintenance, it prolongs the life of your lawnmower and, it provides you a better understanding of the working components of your motor.

Even with diligent routine maintenance, lawnmowers may require periodic repairs. In the event that you need to repair your lawnmower, it will likely be easier if you have been doing your own routine maintenance as you will be more familiar with the mechanics of your lawnmower. Another asset that makes lawnmower repair easier, is access to service manuals and parts catalogues. Since you already have a maintenance manual that youve been using for routine maintenance, you need only assure that you have on hand a service manual for any repairs that are necessary.

Your lawnmower will provide you with many years of service. Routine maintenance and periodic repairs at home will save you money and prolong the life of your lawnmower.

69 pages in pdf format that enables you to print only what you need.

Contents include

Safety Instructions
General Instructions
Special Instructions
Explanation of Symbols
Technical Data
Delivery and Dealer Service
Pre-delivery Service
After the First 8 Hours
25 Hour Service
50 Hour Service
100 Hour Service
300 Hour Service
At Least Once a Year
Maintenance Schedule
Delivery Servicing
To our Dealers
Removing the Mower from its Packaging
Delivery Service
Test Running
Design and Function
Mower Identification
Drive and Control
Mower Deck
Adjusting the Throttle Wire
Checking and Adjusting the Choke Wire
Fuel tank
Adjusting Motion Control Lever Linkages
Adjusting Motion Control Lever Spring-back
Adjusting the Park Brake
Mower Deck
Spindle Blade Bearings
Sharpening and Balancing Blades
Setting the Mower Deck
Deck Belt
Hydraulic Pump Belt
Front Wheel Bearings
Electrical System
Wiring Assembly
Starter Motor Contactor
Ignition and Start Switch
Hour Meter
Blade Switch
Mower Deck Clutch
Motion Control Switches
Park Brake Interlock Switch
Hydraulic System
Hydraulics Hygiene
Hydraulic Oils
Correct Oil Leaks
Keep Hydraulic Oil Clean
Work Methods
ZTH Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Tank
The Cooler for the Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Filter
Hydraulic Lines
Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Motors
Wiring Harness
Hydraulic Pump

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