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Olympus Ferrari 2004 Digital Camera User Manual – TB000100070033

Download Olympus Ferrari 2004 Digital Camera User Manual – TB000100070033

Olympus Ferrari 2004 Digital Camera User & Instruction Manual

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Instruction & User Manuals

Table Of Contents

What you can do with this camera
How to use this manual
Composition of the manual
How to read the instruction pages
Safety precautions
General precautions
Handling the camera
Caution for usage environment
Battery handling precautions
LCD monitor
FCC Notice
Names of parts
Monitor indications

Getting started
Attaching the lens cap and strap
Loading the battery
Unloading the battery
Charging the battery
Inserting the card
Removing the card
Power on/off

Taking still pictures
Specifying the type of scene
Movie recording
If correct focus cannot be obtained
Subjects that are difficult to focus on
Determine the position of the subject after focusing (Focus Lock)

Using the situation-related shooting modes
SELF PORTRAIT (Shooting yourself while holding the camera)
MACRO (Close-up shooting)
SUPER MACRO (Closer shot than MACRO)
MUSEUM (No beep sound & no flash)
SPORT (Capturing a fast-moving subject)
BEACH & SNOW (Shooting seascapes or snow-capped mountain landscapes )
SELF PORTRAIT+SELF TIMER (Shooting yourself and background)
AVAILABLE LIGHT PORTRAIT (Shooting in low light conditions without a flash)
BEHIND GLASS (Shooting a subject through glass)
2 IN 1 (Storing two successive shots as a single picture)

Using the advanced shooting functions
Selecting functions from the shooting menu
DIGITAL ZOOM Using the digital zoom
Sequential shooting
Self-timer shooting
AF MODE Changing the focus range
METERING Changing the metering area
Varying the image brightness (Exposure Compensation)
Selecting the record mode
WB Adjusting the color tone
Recording sound with still pictures
RESET Restoring the factory default settings

Viewing still images
Close-up playback
Index display
Selecting functions from the playback menu
Slideshow (sequential auto playback)
Rotating images
Playback on TV
MOVIE PLAYBACK Viewing movies
Protecting images (preventing accidental erasure)
ERASE/ ALL ERASE Erasing images
BLACK & WHITE/SEPIA/ Editing still images
Adding sound to recorded images
INDEX Making movie index
FORMAT Formatting the card

Registering images in albums
ALBUM ENTRY Registering images you shot
SEL. ALBUM Viewing images in an album
Slideshow (sequential auto playback of images in an album)
REARRANGE Arranging the order of images in an album
UNDO ENTRY Removing images from an album
UNDO ALL Removing all the images registered in the album

Using your camera effectively
Selecting functions from the SETUP menu
REC VIEW Checking the picture immediately after shooting
INFO Displaying shooting information on the monitor
Changing the display language
SCREEN Setting the startup screen
SHUTTER SOUND Setting the shutter sound
VOLUME Selecting the playback volume
BEEP Setting the button operation sound
Setting the warning tone
Adjusting the monitor brightness
Selecting the number of images
Setting the date and time
VIDEO OUT Selecting the video signal type
PIXEL MAPPING Checking the image processing functions

Making print reservations and printing at photo labs
How to print pictures
Selecting the print reservation mode
Single-frame reservation
All-frame reservation
Resetting print reservation

Printing on a PictBridge-compatible printer (direct printing)
Direct printing
Connecting the camera to a printer
Selecting the print mode
PRINT Printing selected pictures
MULTI PRINT Printing multiple pictures on one page
ALL PRINT Printing all the pictures stored in the card/album
ALL INDEX Printing an index of all the pictures stored in the card
PRINT ORDER Printing with print reservation
Exiting direct printing
If an error code is displayed

Transferring images to a computer
Identifying the OS
Installing the USB driver for Windows 98 (When using Windows 98/98 SE)
Connecting the camera to the computer
Downloading images to your computer
Disconnecting the camera from your computer
What you can do with the CAMEDIA Master software

AC adapter

Error codes
Camera maintenance
Menu directory

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