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Service manual Husqvarna Chainsaw 340 345 346XP 350 351 1999

Download Service manual Husqvarna Chainsaw 340 345 346XP 350 351 1999

Do you want to service & repair your Husqvarna chainsaw 340, 345, 350
346XP, 351 yourself? We can help you with the Service & Repair manual; just push the button on the left side, download the file and you can start right away.

This manual covers the following model(s):

340 1999
345 1999
346 XP 1999
350 1999
351 1999

We only sell original manuals; the quality of the files is exceptionally good. When you print the file, the pictures are of good quality and very bright. WE DO NOT SELL ANY COPIED MANUALS, ONLY THE ORIGINAL!!!!

In this manual you have the following chapters:

Safety instructions
Symbol explanation
Technical Data
Trouble shooting
Service data 334T/338XPT
Service data 336/339XP
Safety equipment
Ignition system
Centrifugal clutch
Tank unit
Crankshaft, Piston and Cylinder
Bar bolt
Oil pump

Safety regulations
General instructions
Special instructions
Special tools
Technical data
Construction and function
Repair instructions
Chain brake
Chain catcher
Stop switch
Stop switch resistance measurement
Choke control
Throttle trigger
Hand grip heater
Starter assembly
Starter cord
Recoil spring
Ignition module testing
Ignition module and flywheel
Centrifugal clutch
Oil pump
Carburettor pressure testing
Carburettor adjustment
Fuel tank
Fuel hose
Piston and cylinder
Decompression valve pressure testing
Cylinder pressure testing
Crankcase and crankshaft
Crankshaft bearings
Repairing damaged threads
Guide bar bolts
Fuel filter
Appendix A, Carburettor EPA models

Language: english
Format: PDF
Pages: 50

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