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Suzuki Samourai – 1988-1989 – Workshop/Repair manual

Download Suzuki Samourai – 1988-1989 – Workshop/Repair manual

Complete Repair Manual / Service Manual

That is a original workshop service manual and wiring diagrams for Suzuki. Program you need to install once, and its database is read from a CD. One CD for one vehicle.
These manuals contain photos and diagrams as used by professional mechanics and repair shops to troubleshoot and fix your engine. These manuals have plenty of pictures and diagrams to make the entire repair process easy for you. Save money by doing your own repairs, Diagrams, Detailed parts lists, manuals to save or print at any time, Covers every detail.
These manuals are used by Suzuki repair mechanics, they contain very detailed diagrams and descriptions. The manuals give comprehensive information on your parts for Suzuki much more. At the click of a mouse you have access to the most comprehensive diagnostic, repair and maintenance information as used by professional mechanics, technicians and repair workshops.

Cd of our brand content:
Technical Data (General information, project description and specifications, manufacturing data, tightening torques, products, special tools)
Descriptions (Engine, clutch, gearbox unit, brakes, axle, steering, auxiliary units, suspension and wheels, electrical equipment, fittings, panels and frame)
Fault diagnosis (A-Z)
Tests (Engine, suspension and wheels, auxiliary units, electrical equipment, fittings)
Procedures (Maintenance, engine, diagnostics, clutch, gearbox, brakes, axle, steering, suspension and wheels, auxiliary units, electrical equipment, fittings, panels and frame)
Electrical equipment (electrical functions, wiring, connectors)

Suzuki Samourai CD engines covered:

CD content :

* Introduction
* Lubrication & Maintenance
* Suspension
* Differential & Driveline
* Brakes
* Clutch
* Cooling
* Chime/Buzzer
* Engine Systems
* Heated Systems
* Horn
* Ignition Control
* Instrument Cluster
* Lamps
* Message Systems
* Power System
* Restraints
* Speed Control
* Vehicle Theft Security
* Wipers/Washers
* Wiring
* Engine
* Exhaust System
* Frames & Bumpers
* Fuel System
* Steering
* Tranmission & Transfer Case
* Tires & Wheels
* Body
* Heating & Air Conditioning
* Emission Controls
* Alphabetical Index

Plus More

Operating System:
Windows XP 32bit
Windows Vista 32bit (x86), Windows Vista 64bit (x64)
Windows 7 32bit (x86), Windows 7 64bit (x64)


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