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Volkswagen golf,jetta,mk2 service/repair manual

Download Volkswagen golf,jetta,mk2 service/repair manual

1043cc,1272cc,1595cc,1781cc and more!!!!!

SAMPLE CONTENTS:Engine repair procedures – 1.05 and 1.3 litre – pre August 1985 Page 2A1
Engine repair procedures – 1.05 and 1.3 litre – post August 1985 Page 2B1
Engine repair procedures – 1.6 and 1.8 litre 8 valve Page 2C1
Engine repair procedures – 1.8 litre 16 valve Page 2D1
Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems Page 31
Fuel and exhaust systems – carburettor models Page 4A1
Fuel and exhaust systems – K-Jetronic fuel injection – 8 valve engines Page 4B1
Fuel and exhaust systems – K-Jetronic fuel injection – 16 valve engines Page 4C1
Fuel and exhaust systems – Mono Jetronic fuel injection Page 4D1
Fuel and exhaust systems – Digijet fuel injection Page 4E1
Fuel and exhaust systems – Digifant fuel injection Page 4F1
Ignition system – contact breaker type Page 5A1
Ignition system – transistorised type Page 5B1
Ignition system – fully electronic type Page 5C1
Starting and charging systems Page 5D1
Clutch Page 61
Manual gearbox Page 7A1
Automatic transmission Page 7B1
Driveshafts Page 81
Brakes and Suspension
Braking system Page 91
Suspension and steering Page 101
Body Equipment
Bodywork and fittings Page 111
Body electrical systems Page 121
Wiring Diagrams Page 1217
Dimensions and Weights Page REF1
Conversion Factors Page REF2
Buying Spare Parts and Vehicle Identification Page REF3
General Repair Procedures Page REF4
Jacking and Vehicle Support Page REF5
Tools and Working Facilities Page REF6
MOT test checks Page REF8
Fault Finding Page REF12
Glossary of Technical Terms Page REF20
Index Page REF25

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